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an Assisted Self-Publishing Service

About us


The Write Advice is backed by professionals with over 20 years in the publishing business. Designed to help authors who want to self publish but need assistance – this assisted publishing program fills a need. Whether you need an editor, help with formatting or want everything done for you – TWA has a program for you. Editors and Artists that are curated and vetted by our company so you have confidence that your project will be handled with professionalism.

The Write Advice is not a computer program where you send your manuscript off and a computer does the work. We give each project from start to finish personal one-on-one attention. You can speak on the phone or by Zoom with one of our team before you even begin the project. You can work direct with an editor who has been selected as a perfect fit for your genre. Our marketing and social media team is available for personal consultation as well.

The Write Advice is a division of The Wild Rose Press, Inc. a traditional publishing house but we recognized over the years that publishing needs have changed and some authors need the flexibility that “doing it yourself” offers. But they weren’t sure how to do it themselves. We created The Write Advice to help those authors. Our mission at The Wild Rose Press has always been “writers helping writers” and we bring that same mission to The Write Advice. Self Publishing with your personal team of experts.